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What Do You Need for a GREAT GMAT Focus Score?

Hint: It’s neither 100s of hours of videos nor 1000s of practice questions!

Unique, Intuitive, Visual Approaches

Focus on Concept Clarity

Unique, intuitive, visual approaches

Focus on concept clarity

Connecting Concepts Across Topics

Connecting Concepts Across Topics

Live Classes for Advanced Applications

Low Pricing Worldwide

Weekly webinars for advanced applications

Low Pricing Worldwide

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Study Modules

- 55 study modules, one for each topic
- Cover all basic and advanced concepts, and their applications
- Relevant examples for each sub-topic
- Suitable for both new and experienced learners
- Catering to GMAT Focus...know more

Conceptual Videos

- 55 videos of average 40 minutes each
- Classroom format covering each topic in detail with examples
- Highlighted the takeaway in each sub section
- Catering to GMAT Focus...know more
- 800+ practice questions for Quant and Data Insights
- Questions ranging from Easy to Difficult
- Detailed solution for each question
- For Verbal, we recommend GMAT and LSAT questions from official resources only...know more
- Weekly LIVE online classes taken by Ms. Karishma Bansal
- Practice difficult questions for even higher scores
- Ask your queries in the webinar
- Access to all webinar recordings...know more

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